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Off-Road Equipment Rentals from Fort McMurray’s Deran Oilfield Services
Getting bogged down at a job site not only affects the efficiency of your team, it can also affect your bottom line. Deran Oilfield Services Ltd. knows you need equipment that works in places with good, bad and no roads at all. We are ready to handle every heavy off-road oilfield and construction job your company has.

Offering off-road equipment rentals in Fort McMurray, our drivers haul your equipment to the job site with assurance of safe delivery. We maintain the most reliable bed trucks, pickers and tractors in the industry. Deran Oilfield Services specializes in heavy off-road equipment that can do every task and haul everything from service rigs to light towers.

Ask our staff for details about our off-road equipment, including:

  • Loaders
  • Nodwells
  • Delta 8
  • Foremost 600

With both wheeled and tracked vehicles available, our off-road equipment in For McMurray offers improved performance and mobility in marginal terrain conditions. Even when you don’t have much room to maneuver, our equipment will allow you to get work done with minimal environmental impact.

Off-Road Equipment for Any Terrain Condition
Our off-road equipment and vehicles are capable of traversing a wide range of adverse terrain conditions including sand, muskeg, snow and swamp. Perfect for material transportation around job sites, pipeline maintenance, cargo transportation and excavation, our loaders and nodwells come in various configurations to help you maximize production on-site. Whether you need varying bucket sizes on loaders or you need supplementary equipment for your nodwells, the off-road equipment we offer in Fort McMurray will help you get each job done safely and efficiently.

Deran Oilfield Services offers the largest fleet of off-road equipment in the Fort McMurray and Lac La Biche area. Our focus is helping site workers save money. While there are benefits to both renting and owning equipment, renting can save time and money in the long term—especially if you won’t be using a particular piece of equipment more than once. The staff at Deran Oilfield Service can help you determine exactly what you need in terms of off-road equipment, and we can get it to you as soon as possible. If you’re in need of off-road equipment in Fort McMurray, contact Deran Oilfield Services today.

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